The Decision to Adopt

Adoption has long been a part of both of our lives. Tyler and I both have cousins who were adopted and have always felt that adoption could be a path to parenthood for us. In the midst of our 2 1/2 years of testing, treatments, and even a surgery, the thought of adopting was becoming an exciting, yet intimidating possibility for us. At the height of our struggle in 2012, we completed the initial application for the Ghana program. We envisioned a long, but rewarding road ahead. I could only imagine traveling to Africa to pick up our baby from his or her country of origin. Stepping off the plane and into this beautiful culture and landscape. And of course, holding our baby for the first time and falling instantly in love.

My cursor hovered over the “Submit” button, .

“So this is it, right? ” I asked my husband. This was a huge step for us.

“I think so. I mean, we don’t want to continue with the treatments we’ve been doing, and we don’t plan on doing In vitro.”

That statement hit me hard. My stomach tightened. “So, you don’t think we would ever try to do In vitro?” I just wasn’t ready to give up on the possibility of pregnancy.

“Well, if you think you would ever want to do In vitro, why should we wait until your older?”

He had a good point. The conversation turned into a plan that we would give In vitro one chance. We wanted to be careful to only create as many embryos as we would want children. And if we did not get pregnant with those embryos, we would have the closure we (alright, I) needed on the experience ever of carrying a baby in my womb.

7bwAbout a year later, we gave birth to our daughter, Elise. She has been the joy of our lives. All we knew while we were hoping for a child was just how much we didn’t know we were missing out on.

And now we are ready to graft a new member into our family tree through domestic infant adoption from the US.

It’s amazing that in horticulture, a shoot that starts on one tree can become a vital part of a new tree. It’s beginnings are important – as is the birth parents who will give life to our child. And it’s new identity is important also. It is a gift that gives strength and produces richer fruit.

We are humbled to be in the position where someone will choose us as parents for their child. Our prayer is that we would be worthy of this indescribable, incomparable gift. That this experience would be as benefiting to this child as it is to our family. And that this little “shoot” would grow to branch out and produce the sweetest of fruit.


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